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In the current ecosystem framework of operations, multiple entities are necessary for the effective functioning of the framework. In such a system, the relationship of a company with the other entities, formally referred to as stakeholders, is typically a symbiotic one, wherein the mutual interest and expectations of all stakeholders are satisfied. While commonly known stakeholders of a company include customers, employees, investors, suppliers, distribution partners, the community, and the government; the complexity of modern business models will likely include several other entities, in addition to the common stakeholders. In this regard, stakeholder wellbeing is a concept that has received global attention. While the efforts in better understanding and executing stakeholder wellbeing started much earlier in the academic and policy circles, as a recent development, companies, and practitioners are beginning to enter this important discussion. In doing so, the importance and significance of companies featuring in this discourse are unmistakable. Further, the centrality of companies in driving wellbeing among stakeholders is, therefore, evident. That is, through a commercial exchange, value can be created and/or destroyed for the companies and the stakeholders through their respective actions. And therefore, the process of value creation can serve as a medium for companies to ensure stakeholder wellbeing.


To highlight some critical aspects related to the stakeholder wellbeing concept, particularly via the process of value creation and informing participants of all the interrelated aspects to stakeholder wellbeing.

  • To examine how the well-being of all stakeholders can be guaranteed by creating value for the respective stakeholders.
  • To educate, inform, and update participants of the various constituents related to stakeholder wellbeing and value creation.
  • To promote academic research in this important area of research.
  • To serve as an outlet for the healthy exchange of ideas and opinions that can influence the establishment of stakeholder wellbeing and value creation

Conference Patron and Mentor


Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe heads Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool) as its Group Director. An 'Edupreneur', 'thought leader' and a 'turnaround specialist', Dr. Salunkhe’s passion for leadership, design thinking and innovation has helped WeSchool carve itself a niche in the space of management education. He has extensive years of experience both in the academia & corporate world and recipient of several awards. He has the distinction of being the recipient of the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship, USA which identifies, empowers and links leaders across the globe.


Dr. V Kumar was selected as a "Marketing Legend" and is featured in the "Legends in Marketing" series, Jagdish Sheth (editor) as one of the 8 Legends along with Philp Kotler, Paul Green, Jerry Zaltman, Jagdish Sheth, and Jerry Wind. He has Published over 250 articles in the form of journal papers, conference proceedings, research reports, book chapters and case studies; and 25 books (translated into six languages worldwide) on various topics. Dr.V Kumar is also serving on the Editorial Review Boards of 12 scholarly journals. Dr. VK has been Cited as one of the top five ranked scholars in marketing worldwide over the past two decades, and ranked No. 1 in the marketing field based on the number of publications in the Top 4 premier journals in the discipline (AMA Doc Sig: 2010 - 2014 Report).

Call for Paper

Sub Themes
  • Innovation
  • SDG and Value Creation
  • Transnational Higher Education and Skill Development
  • Any Marketing aspects of Value creation
  • Post-pandemic Leadership
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategies for Start ups
  • Workforce strategies
  • Rebuilding Transformation Strategies
  • Any HR aspects of Value creation
  • Psychological and Financial Resilience
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Any Finance aspects of Value creation
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Social Confinement
  • Crowdsourcing and Organizational Performance
  • Future global shocks
  • Post disaster intervention
  • Growth and Development Strategies
  • FinTech and Value Creation
  • Trade and Development
  • Technology and Business
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Analytics and Business
  • Redefining skills
  • Any Operations aspects of Value creation
  • Skill development

Any other topic relevant to the theme of the conference.

Publication Opportunities

The Select Full Papers will be considered for publication in highly rated journals (subject to the review by the respective editorial boards).

  • The conference has understanding with two highly rated Scopus indexed journals conference special edition (Subject to Terms and condition) -
    • Journal of Creating Value
    • Transnational Marketing Journal
  • Conference proceedings with ISBN Number.
  • aWeshkar in-house bi-annual research journal (listed in EBSCO databases).
Guidelines for Call for Paper
  • Please chose one of thematic areas mentioned in call for papers and assure the topic of your paper is related to that selected theme.
  • It is responsibility of an authors to ensure the paper is original, have not been shared for publication elsewhere.
  • Abstract

    • Abstract must be around 1000 words.
    • Abstracts must have up to 5 (five) keywords.
    • All abstracts will be peer reviewed before final acceptance/rejection and final decision on same shall be communicated with email.
    • Abstract must contain a brief title, author’s affiliation, and designation and contact details.
  • Full Paper

    • Full Paper must be written in good English free of various typing and grammatical errors to be fit for publication consideration.
    • The word limit of full paper is 8000 words.
    • All citations and references must be in sync and author shall make sure the paper doesn't infringe any copyright.
    • APA style of referencing for citation is to be followed to maintain the uniformity.
    • Full paper must be typed in MS Word in Times New Roman with font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing. All pages of the paper shall be numbered.
    • All submissions must include a title, an abstract, authors affiliation and designation details.
Submission of Abstract / Extended Abstract / Full Paper

Please submit the abstract / full papers on -

Important Dates
Full Paper / Extended Abstract Submission 20.12.2021
Intimation of Full Paper / Extended Abstract Acceptance 31.12.2021
Registration Link Opens 01.01.2022
Registration Link Closes 18.01.2022

Registration Details

Registration Fees
Research Scholar / Students 1000 INR
Academicians 2000 INR
Industry Delegates 3000 INR
International Delegates 100 USD

*GST will be chargeable @18% and added to Basic Registration Fees

**The online Registration for the conference will open on 01.01 2022


Conference Chair

Dr. D. N. Murthy

Dean - Research

Conference Co-Chair

Dr. Vaishali Patil

Sr. Associate Dean - Research & Publications & I.T.

Prof. Bharath Rajan

Associate Dean - Research

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